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Structural Steel

Re-modeling your home may at some point involve the demolition or moving of walls and if that is the case, structural steelwork will be required for load bearing. “I would say that 60% or more of the projects we undertake involve structural steelwork. So many clients are looking for big open spaces to live and entertain and this means that the spans of steel are getting longer and more complex to manufacture and install” states Jonathan Ko, Consultant Structural Engineer with Matrix Design & Build.

Matrix Design & Build use specialist CAD software to calculate load bearing; when complete, the steels are depicted into Max’s drawings [Max Patel – Architect, Matrix Design & Build] and thus how they are incorporated into the overall design scheme can be viewed in 3D. “It is important to understand that a structural steel may not sit flush to a ceiling and thus might impinge sight lines; it’s a small point but no less an important one if your end goal is to achieve an expanse of space with uninterrupted sight lines” says Jonathan. “I always strive to hide structural steels and believe that ceiling space should be as uninterrupted as floor space”.

Getting Local Authority Building Regulations Approval (The Building Act 1984, Building Regulations 2010) is handled in house by Matrix Design & Build. “As part of every project involving structural changes, this is something I handle; the appointed local authority officer will need to make a few visits and issue a compliancy certificate. It’s a formality that cannot be overlooked and clients probably don’t realize just how involved this part of their project is but then if they did, I wouldn’t be doing my job properly I guess.”

Have a look around your home and decide how you want to live – literally anything is possible. Ensure that there is a focal point to your home where family and friends will congregate – this will be the main living space and needs to be generously proportioned. From a design perspective, consider having the same floor covering(s) all the way through the main living space for continuity and connecting the spaces. Heating the area is important so water fed or electric under-floor heating complemented by central heating is an ideal option. "Make one feature a wow factor… an ostentatious or statement piece adds value” Geoff George, Managing Director, Matrix Design & Build.

If you are contemplating opening up your living space and would like an informal chat with Jonathan Ko, he can be contacted at Matrix Design & Build on 01707 879959.